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Reaching Your Highest Destiny – Carlboe55

Desirel Calvin Lawrence is a versatile speaker, creative artist, author, and entrepreneur in the beginning stages. Sometimes this needs to be clarified so you don’t get the wrong impression of his status. However, what is most important about his experiences is the wisdom he has gleaned over the years allowing him to fully maximize his gifts and empower all those around him to live their best life. In the webinars, Desirel Calvin Lawrence will talk about the lives of great personalities you may be aware of and give you some great insights into what makes them successful. Can your brand name, if well defined, create the greatest destiny ever conceived? Desirel through well researched discoveries and original ideas helps leaders, young entrepreneurs, women on a mission, and students to pursue their highest purpose.  The vehicle showcased above is one of his concept car designs. How can we empower our leaders to think outside the box, through innovative ideas and create their highest destinies?


Reach your Highest Destiny is a program designed to allow you to embrace the most important part of your identity – Your Brand/Name. Is your brand/name resonating with your destiny? Do you see yourself struggling endlessly just to make a significant step in the right direction? Have you always thought something was wrong with you, that’s why you can’t succeed in Life? Whatever your situation in life is, if you feel you have been handed the wrong end of the stick, then let’s discover the cause and give you back your highest potential!



Seating is open to all, but responses to individuals who request personal help in structuring their names or brands for their highest potential will be limited to the first 100 registrants. The effort is a personal quest by the speaker to empower as many people as possible to find what makes them live their best life and contribute to the world we live in. The investment of participants is supposed to encourage a world driven to succeed and bring about positive changes, that makes our communities peaceful and livable for generations to come.



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Reach Your Highest Destiny Through Branding

Branding the next VIPs and Corporate Entities of the world.


Are you ready to have a speaker that can engage your audience on reaching their highest destiny through the perfect brand name?

We have reached a time in history where it is important we can maximize the potential of those who can make a difference in the world and make it a better place to live in. We are all interconnected for a unique calling that must bring everyone together to embrace the best parts of who we are in a world often times filled with chaos, divisions, uncertainties, and unexpected misfortunes.

What if everything you are going through can be redesigned to conform with your highest destiny? What if you can find the perfect solution to things that look seemingly impossible by unlocking the true meanings behind the very labels that define your existence.

So much can be accomplished with the right information to make a difference. However, it is how you define your world that will determine your destiny.

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Our greatest pleasure comes from your life satisfaction. Sometimes the only gift we need in life is the right information.


Are in need of the ULTIMATE name or innovative idea for success?

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Reach Your Highest Destiny - Oprah

07:30 pm – 8:00 pm          May 9th Wednesday

In this session, we would be talking about our beloved Oprah, and what made her uniquely placed to be who she is today. More than just hard work, good luck, and favor, there is one key ingredient that made her unique destiny turn out this way. Join the Webinar to learn more.

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The Unique ``Elon Musk``

5:00 pm – 5:30 pm         August 27th Monday

Who is this versatile, creative and entrepreneurial giant, and what really makes him who he is? What you will uncover is that more than his genius, there is a foundational element that explains why he has no choice but to be Elon Musk. An alternative “in terms of a name choice” is an option that would have made this exceptional personality nonexistent.

The Greatest Entertainer

11:30 am – 12:30 pm      September 12, Wednesday

What makes Michael our favorite, is not an issue of bias, but the unrelenting fact that he was an evolving power of expression and discovery that made us all discover that unique truth of expression in ourselves. For those who experienced the times with this great artist, you know he planted the most powerful seed of any media personality in making you come out of your shell to embrace your best self.

What if he was called John Joseph Jackson?



Our Great Country - United States

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm   January 21st, 2019

What our founding fathers envisioned in establishing this great country goes beyond any ordinary thinking. Indeed for all those who have experienced the opportunity to be held under the arms of its great benevolence, lies the true essence of unity, brotherhood and the liberty of mankind if we choose to embrace it.

What if this nation was named anything other than the United States of America? Identified by many as the United States.

Support Our Efforts of Change

Get a copy of the Speakers book called, The Power of Paradise on Amazon and other major distributors written under the pen name Dave Skye. Click on the link below and you will be supporting his movement of empowerment across the world.

Also please get actively involved in the Little Crowns Mission, founded by one of the greatest hearts you will ever get to know. The Pageant Queen has shown more heart and soul in reaching out to children in other parts of the world even when she did not know where she will get the funds from. Your donation or monthly pledge will go a long way to fulfilling this mission of hope. Littlecrowns.org

Finally, take a trip to the best-kept secret of Africa, and you will be in for the time of your life. cpvvs.com


Our greatest pleasure comes from your life satisfaction. Sometimes the only gift we need in life is the right information.


Desirel's videos

These are some of the videos found on Instagram #carlboe55. Remember every talent within you must be brought together to complement who you are. Just like the colors of the universe that can be displayed in so many different hues your talents should be displayed towards a unified picture of expression

If you enjoy the rap tracks please support our mission at Little Crowns by helping these children gain a great educational future. Thank you

Instagram Post 55 – Full rap track   View Lyrics

Yes, the rap tracks are free, thanks to the creative beat producers who allow us to have access to their great work of genius. We would be forever grateful to a number of great beat producers for their benevolence in giving us a chance to express our creativity.

This is simply created for fun. Carlboe55 does it strictly on his own time, however, if you need something created for a movie soundtrack or any production which does not need stage appearances we will gladly work with you. Desirel Calvin Lawrence is a ghost writer.

We are always looking for great acts bringing the needed difference in our communities. If there is a way we can work together without a conflict of interest we would invite you into a partnership.

Yes, Desirel Calvin Lawrence, also known as Carlboe55 is the author of two books. The first book called Power of Paradise – “Inventing the future with a choice” is in stores. The other book called the WIZ Diary has been removed from Publication for further updates. (They were both written under the pen name Dave Skye).

Presently we are looking for additional Board of Directors, and influencers that can help us communicate our mission to the general public in a powerful way through their vocal support and time. The mission to help these children in Africa is critical to the health of the world in the long run. By empowering everyone on the earth to be equal participants in the affairs that bring about change, we can effect powerful changes that are positive and last generations.

You can contact the support in charge of flight planning by clicking this link. Also, visit the site at cpvvs.com to learn more about how you can take advantage of this great experience. Contact the support today

For a nominal price, we will get you well represented over the web. Check our parent website at voltsite.com and see how we can help you with all your design needs.

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Our greatest pleasure comes from your life satisfaction. Sometimes the only gift we need in life is the right information


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Are in need of the ULTIMATE name or Innovative Idea for success?

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